Commercial & Industrial Irrigation Systems

What We Do?

  • Service Residential and Commercial Irrigation Systems
  • Design and Installation of Commercial Irrigation Systems
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Backflow Preventer Installation, Maintenance & Testing
  • Drainage

Enjoy the benefits of an Irrigation System installed & serviced by Gartland Irrigation:

  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Built to Last. Our systems will keep your lawn/landscape in top shape for years to come.
  • Each System is specially designed for your landscape. Our experienced technicians design each system to suit your specific landscape. Our cleanup is the best – no sunken trenches and no unsightly humps.
  • You get trouble free performance. We use the highest quality, professional grade irrigation equipment.
  • We give you maximum flexibility. You may select from all major brands.  We offer rain, wind and temperature sensors.
  • You will receive a full orientation. We will provide complete instructions for operating your irrigation system.
  • We provide full service. We are ready to serve you before, during, and after your system is installed.

Everyone knows a good first impression is the key to a lasting professional relationship. Gartland Irrigation specializes in helping you make a great first impression. Professionally manicured and maintained grounds can make your facility stand out as the jewel of your community as well as providing customers with a great impression of you before they even step through the door.